Certified Network Support & Computer Services, New York, NY

INTEGRITY IT, A New York City Certified IT Network Support & Computer Services company, was established in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Just as the attacks changed our nationís needs in many other professional fields, they dramatically altered the emphasis on business data security and availability. INTEGRITY IT was born out of a profound recognition of this fact and a desire to meet these new demands and overcome their associated challenges. To meet the needs of an always-changing business world and its ever-shifting staff dynamics as well as navigate through increasingly complex business channels, INTEGRITY IT recognizes that strategic adaptability, superior interpersonal skills and around-the-clock availability are paramount. In short, we are committed to delivering superior service to you. We are Fully certified and offer full support for Microsoft operating system, email, networking, VPN, firewall, Blackberry, Remote and wireless. We’re not just interested in keeping your computers and network services secure and running smoothly. We’re interested in your business as a whole. We provide server backup, spyware protection, hard drive recovery, anti-virus protection, remote access and wireless technology.

  INTEGRITY IT is small enough to be intimate with your business
and know you on a first name basis, but big enough in experience, knowledge & skills to handle any situation and any job no matter its size. And we’ve got the track record to prove it. To see a detailed list
of the systems we support go to our services section.

Our diverse clientele is a testimony to our adaptability, and more important, our compatibility with all businesses. From venture
capital to public relations, from entertainment to law enforcement
and all fields in-between, INTEGRITY IT has what it takes to give
you outstanding information technology service. No matter your company’s system or its needs, no matter the day or the hour,
we’ve got you covered.
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